Bursary Scheme

The amount dedicated to Outward Giving includes money to assist members of the church who wish to undertake full-time mission projects of some kind, either in this country or abroad.

Projects needn’t be specifically evangelistic or humanitarian, but will normally have a “service” element and are likely to be associated in some way with a Christian organisation.

The Bursary would not fund the project in full, but would be a partial contribution (for example to help cover the cost of necessary immunisations) and a statement of the Church’s support.

We would therefore wish to raise awareness within the Church so that we can pray for the recipient and receive feedback either during the activity or afterwards.

The types of project for which members of the church might receive help could be…

  • To join a YWAM youth team visit to the Thailand/Burma border.
  • A period of work with Spitalfields Crypt in London.
  • Participate in an Operation Mobilisation campaign.
  • 6 months in Nicaragua doing relief work.
  • A medical elective at a mission hospital in India.
  • Voluntary Service Overseas.
  • Participate in a YMCA, CMS or Soap Box work visit overseas
  • Helping at an SU or CPAS Pathfinder summer camp.
  • A year as a volunteer in another church with Time for God/Careforce.

It is expected that most recipients will be young people, but applications are welcome from church members of any age. Those interested should apply on the application form (also available from the Church Office) which should be returned to the Office or directly to: 


Channel For Mission
C/o Busbridge&Hambledon Church Office
Brighton Road, Godalming, GU7 IXA
Ph: 01483 421267, email: mission@bhcgodalming.org


Robbie Hume
Mark End, Mark Way, Godalming, Surrey GU7 2BE
Ph: 01483 421019, email: mission@bhcgodalming.org 


The application will be discussed by the Channel for Mission team either at the next meeting or if more time urgent through a special meeting.