Parish Church  Council (PCC)

The PCC (Parish Church Council) is the legal trust body which oversees the assets, growth and mission of the church.

You can see a brief overview of how we operate by watching the slideshow.

Review document on why we decided to become a joined up PCC

Some of the PCC documents are listed below. They remain the intellectual property of BHC PCC and permission must be given in order to reference them or make use of them.

A PCC has members and Officers (wardens, secretary and treasurer).


(as at May 2016)

  • Simon Taylor (Chair & Rector)
  • Catherine McBride (Vice Chair and Associate Minister)
  • John Adams
  • Alan Betts
  • Arthur Blackman
  • Dave Chadwick
  • Liz Cooke (Hambledon Warden)
  • Lynda Donaldson
  • Niki Ford
  • Simon Gilbert
  • Shelagh Godwin
  • Richard Grove
  • Clare Haddad
  • Souheil Haddad
  • Mike Hardy
  • Alan Harvey (Hambledon Warden)
  • Mike Hawkey
  • Jenny Henderson
  • Dudley Hilton
  • Andy Hinde
  • David Hodson
  • Nigel Hodson
  • David Jenkins
  • Kate Kaye (PCC Secretary)
  • Stephen Kinder
  • David Mace
  • Jill Mace
  • Alison Martin
  • Derek Miller
  • Nigel Pollock
  • John Postill
  • Jacqui Rook
  • Frances Shaw (Busbridge Warden)
  • Andy Spencer
  • Michael Stubbs
  • Ron Vickery
  • Jon Whiteman
  • Sandra Wilkin
  • Mark Williams (Busbridge Warden)

We have a Joint PCC Statement of Terms which sets out the legal framework of our operations