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The Bridge magazine is a bi-monthly publication, delivered free of charge to over 1850 homes in the Busbridge area of Godalming. It focuses on local community news and matters, connecting church, schools, clubs and individuals.

It is very much a team effort! The editorial team involves 5 volunteers and we have a network of dedicated road stewards who kindly deliver the magazine to local homes.

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Cathy Brook

I’ve been fortunate to be the editor of The Bridge since November 2015 and am just one part of the dedicated team that puts The Bridge together.

I’ve lived in Busbridge and been a member of Busbridge Church since I moved here over 15 years ago from East Surrey, but my roots are from Suffolk.

I've been learning on the job - having previously spent 24 years working for the civil service.

Bringing people together, caring for and sharing as a community is something that I particularly value and an ethos that is at the heart of our magazine. 

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If you would like a copy of an article from the Bridge (past or present) please get in touch with Cathy Brook.


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See our 2019 commercial advertising rates here. For more information on commercial advertising (8th of page to full page ads) contact Cathy Brook.

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Small Ads are designed for those who want to advertise local services. They should be no more than 4 lines in length and can be placed in one or more issues at a cost of £5 per insert. 

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For sale ads are for those who wish to sell items of furniture or other household goods at the rate of £2 for up to 20 words.

For more information on small ad advertising in The Bridge please email Jacky Beale.


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