Church Family Support Fund

What is it and what does it do?

The Church Family Support Fund (CFSF) exists to help church members, or others in our community, in financial need.

The trustees are Linda Alcock, Dennis Amy and Simon Taylor and they meet three times a year to approve donations. They are appointed annually by the PCC and report to the PCC on the level of financial activity (though confidentiality is carefully preserved).


How can I help?

Playing a part in this area of our ministry is:

Encouraging – Letters of thanks received in response to gifts from the CFSF, speak of the encouragement the gift has given, in addition to the practical financial help. Here are some extracts from letters we have received, reproduced with permission:

A remarkable answer to prayer. Thanks again.
I feel completely bowled over by this gift! Thank you for helping me get back on my feet again! I feel very loved!
Thank you so much for your kind gift – we were truly overwhelmed by your expression of love. You cannot imagine the encouragement this has given us.
Heartfelt thanks. We feel very loved and also humbled in accepting this. (We’ve learnt that admitting your need and saying yes to help to meet that need is a step away from pride and a step towards grace.)


Exciting – It’s exciting for the givers too, as we play our part in providing practical help to others within our Christian community.

How can we be a part of this ministry?

Church members may be involved in a number of ways:

  1. by drawing the trustees’ attention (in strict confidence) to church members and others in need of support;
  2.  by regular planned giving to the fund (this may be Gift Aided – see below);
  3. by making one-off donations, at any time (which may also be Gift Aided);
  4. by making use of the Fund to make confidential directed gifts to individuals in need;
  5. by praying that people may be made aware of the wonderful love of God for them, through this practical provision.

The work of the CFSF goes on all year round. One of the difficulties that the trustees face is that income to the Fund can be erratic. Gifts can be made to the CFSF at any time, but regular, planned giving is the most helpful method, as it enables the trustees to allocate funds with confidence, knowing that they are able to meet needs of which they are made aware, as they arise. Giving by means of Gift Aid increases the value of your gift.

If you wish to give by means of Gift Aid to the CFSF, either as a one-off donation or regularly, there are forms at the West End of the church. All gifts should be made payable to Busbridge PCC Family Support Fund.

If you would like more information, Linda Alcock will be pleased to help. All transactions are dealt with in strict confidence.