Alan Harvey

Jesus the teacher is our theme today. How teachable are we?

We can look to God’s word in the Bible regularly to enlighten us on our journey through life. A daily cycle of readings and Bible reading notes can really speak to us, whenever we choose prayerfully to engage with His word and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us.

When that cycle brings into view a really familiar passage which we have heard many times, is it all then a bit samey and predictable? Not at all, because its impact will be different from before.

Because, in the meantime, our journey through life with God will have taken us into new territory, with fresh joys and challenges. The journey can even mean that familiar scripture will speak to us as never before!

God’s Word through His Spirit can variously bring reassurance and comfort in times of difficulty; necessary correction and gentle rebuke when we get it wrong; then again really helpful affirmation of our direction of travel when we’re following in His way. Or all three!

All we can do is to try to discern and pray into God’s will for us, keep our feet on the ground, and obediently trust Him for what lies ahead. If we are ready to accept Jesus as our teacher, life is never boring!