Mark Williams

On Monday of this week our PCC voted unanimously to bring about the first phase of our long-imagined project to provide new facilities for ministry. A team of amazing people have prepared a detailed scheme to complete the purchase of the existing Busbridge Rectory and convert it for church use. The plan has drawn on feedback from various groups and sought to prioritise delivery of spaces and facilities that meet immediate needs whilst listening carefully to those who have expressed concerns.

Bishop Michael Baughen shared with us an image of walking around a mountain path: we can only see to the next bend in the path and although we know there may be an end goal further beyond, we believe God is calling us to focus on that which is before us.

You as worshippers at Busbridge and Hambledon churches have contributed the funds to make this possible. Thank you! There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved practically over the next few months.  Prayer, planning and fund raising will continue to be important. Do please keep praying!

This is a truly exciting moment: in the race before us and after much preparation, we are out of the starting blocks and aiming to have new facilities ready as part of our 150th celebrations next year.  Hallelujah!