Welcome to a church family that has confidence and clarity about what makes life important. Through it all, we aim to be a family of God encompassing everyone: young or old, twenty-somethings, families, the widowed, divorced... everyone’s welcome. We have clarity that faith has meaning and purpose in all aspects of life and confidence that Christian belief really matters.
We’ve worked this out as our mission of Loving God, Making Disciples and Transforming Communities.
— Simon Taylor (Rector)

Where we're heading tomorrow

We're a family of God with  a clarity of vision and an intentional purpose. This is leading us into a future where our lives are shaped by the Holy Spirit as we follow Christ.

Our mission  is to love God, make disciples and transform communities. Everything we do folds into at least one of these core mission areas. Our future is to work with other churches locally, supporting them and being enriched by all they bring to us and to become a place of equipping for the Kingdom of God.

Where we are today 

We're one church of six congregations across three locations with different styles of worship. There are approximately 800 adults and children involved in the church and that means we cannot be a perfect church because we comprise 800 imperfect people. This makes us a diverse people of God. Some people have been followers of Jesus for many years and others are just starting out on this.

Where we were yesterday

You can find the distant lineage of the church on the history area of the website. More recently, the church has been noted for its breadth of caring activity, evangelism and worship for approximately forty years.

There is an evangelical story stretching back to the 1590s (Hambledon) and 1970s (Busbridge). Like many churches, experience of the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit can be traced to the 1970s (Hambledon) and 1990s (Busbridge).

What is the basis of this Story?

We're not a perfect church and that is the joy of being who we are: we know that God alone is perfect. This means that we need a link to God  and the only link is by God coming to His creation through the birth of Jesus. This leaves us with a choice: do we accept this and live by it or not?

We're not left alone in this decision because God's Spirit is within everyone who has taken the step of following Jesus Christ. This Spirit gives us a taste of what God's infinite love, power and authority are like. We have the Bible as God's Word to explain what all this means, assure us when we fall down and guide us as we seek God's forgiveness and learn what it means to live a good according to God's way.

We accept the Doctrinal statements of faith of