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6.30 Unplugged is on the third Sunday of every month at Busbridge and is open to to everyone, but with a particular aim of gathering youth, students and young adult communities. This is all with the desire to be equipped by the Lord and sent out as followers of Jesus to share the goodness of God with everyone.  Our pattern is of extended worship, teaching and Holy spirit ministry, with plenty of time to socialise before and after.

The key values of 6.30 Unplugged are as follows:

Worship –having extended times of seeking the Lord in worship, making sure our songs talk about God’s nature and our response to Him.

Teaching –making sure we preach for a response in people’s everyday lives, being strongly biblical but always seeking to unpack and apply teaching. This is in order to equip us to continue moving forward in our relationship with God and to those he’s called us to, in our everyday lives and together as a church family.

Ministry– As we gather, we welcome the Holy Spirit to minister to us, empower us, equip us and send us out.

We look forward to seeing you there!