Safeguarding & Risk Assessments

Safety is important

We have a Safeguarding Officer (Sarah Black) and each main congegation where children are present has an assigned child protection overseer. At Hambledon this is Gill Matthews. At Busbridge this is Sarah Black (Contemporary) and Janine Bailey (Classic).

Whilst we cannot eradicate risk on church activities, we can do our best be aware of potential issues.

The PCC has a Health and Safety team which seeks to develop awareness of possible risks in relation to church activities. The group is led by Dr Alison Martin. Alison has a background in this field through her work with BP.



The parent/guardian registration form can be downloaded below. Please give this to the relevant child/youth leader.

In the rare event of emergency it is important that leaders involved with children and young people have medical and emergency contact details and permission from parents/guardians.

While we wish to be welcoming to all young people we take our responsibility in this area seriously. It is difficult for leaders to care for young people if they do not have the form. Medical information contained on the forms is shared with relevant leaders.


Medication or disability

Children and young people requiring medication (eg: inhaler) are asked to ensure that they have access to them. This is especially important whilst on trips or for Ichthus during evening activities.The registration form has space to give medical details.

We welcome all people and do our best to cater for a variety of disabilities. If a child or young person has a disability and you would like to discuss how we can help with integration on Sundays or with social activities please speak to the relevant leader.

Safe-guarding, protection and risk assessment documents:

Activities which are authorised under the identity of the church/pcc complete a Risk Assessment.

In the rare event of a significant incident, we have an Incident Report to review the situation and reduce future issues: available for download below.

A copy of the post-incident immediate report form can be downloaded below.

The full safeguarding policy from the Guildford Diocese can be viewed here.

Depending on their level of involvement with activities, relevant volunteer leaders are asked to complete a volunteer-agreement.