Key Support & Community Plan
for Older People


Why are we committed to older people? As specific age ministry and as a church more generally we have put a lot of thought into why older people matter, the impact changes in society are having and the role of the Christian church in giving people a voice.

Older people matter to God, to families and to Society. The older generation are an integral part of our community, and within our area there are many individuals who may have experienced a period of change which may have led to fragility. Perhaps they have been made redundant and are wondering if they will work again, they may be newly retired, there may be people living in large properties and seemingly affluent; yet feel isolated, or perhaps they simply feel lonely. The purpose of providing a specific elder persons ministry is to prevent this from occurring. The initiative behind this ministry came from Mark Pateman in April 2013, and has since gone from strength to strength. Having grown in size and funding we are able to offer a wide range of services to the elder community within Busbridge and Hambledon, as well as establishing links with other parishes and churches more widely across Waverley.


Where we are today

Busbridge and Hambledon Church are working on a variety of projects to support older persons within our community. The details of all of these can be found below. As a church we have appointed Mark Pateman as Director of Older People Support. On Mark’s team is also,  Penny Naylor who has a background in NHS Adult Services. Click here to contact Mark.

We are currently working to develop our patterns of care and support. Jeannie Postill and Jill Johnston are our oversight team, who are voluntarily co-ordinating a wide range of pastoral care. They work closely with our eight Diocesan Authorised Pastoral Assistants.

We offer pastoral care, and have an assigned member of the clergy who oversees staff and patients at the local  Hydon Hill Cheshire Home and run a fortnightly service, where all are welcome.

Many of our key support programmes are long-standing, whilst others are still in their infancy. Our aim for the future is to develop these programmes to the highest possible standard, and create strong links with the older community within Busbridge and Hambledon. We are aiming to establish ourselves as dementia specialists over the coming months, and equally we hope to build our team of volunteers and befrienders and remove age boundaries within the Christian Community.


Some of our key support

Prime Time: for those in the prime of life. The team organise regular events for retired and non-retired people such as walks, pub visits, BBQ’s, Christmas Socials and even eating a cream tea with some Donkeys!  For more information, visit the Prime Time page. If anyone needs help getting to a Prime Time event, please contact Penny Naylor who can organise transport for you.

Befriending Scheme: The Busbridge and Hambledon Befriending Scheme is a befriending service operating throughout the two parishes aiming to provide friendship and support to anyone who is isolated or lonely, and who would benefit from receiving a regular visitor. To find out more please see our Community Befriending Scheme page. To find out more, please visit our Befriending Scheme page.

Hearing Aid Clinic: We also run a hearing aid clinic on the second Friday of every month. The clinics allow for routine maintenance as well as tea, cake and a good chat! To see full details, visit the Hearing Aid Clinic page.

Crisis Team: where caring is about a quick response. A small team offer short-term, one-off support through a referral system. The team includes Robbie Hume, Sue Hardy and Carol Jones. The emphasis is on practical care such as decorating a room for someone with a disability or renovating a garden for an older person. If you would like to know more, in the first instance, please contact the Church Office on 01483 421267.

Visitor Network: working through our clergy and licensed Diocesan volunteer teams, we try and visit people whether this is at home or in hospital. For hospital support, please contact Rev Margot Spencer.

Road Stewards: we co-ordinate a team of about 40 vounteers who just keep a gentle eye out for more vulnerable members of the community in their area. The Road Stewards are overseen by Chris Sollars.

Food Bank: we’re part of the Godalming Churches-CAB Food Bank. Phil Davies from the CAB and Jo Cookes co-ordinates our involvement in this. For a short-support food parcel please contact St Mark’s Church, Ockford Ridge. If you would like to donate please do not hesitate to get in touch.