Sunday 17 February 2019

The Bridge magazine is looking for a volunteer who is available and willing once every two months to help divide up the magazines into batches ready for the road stewards. This takes place in the church once the magazines are delivered by the printer and involves roughly 1.5 hours work. Holiday periods can be covered. If you think you might be able to help please contact Cathy Brook on email or ph 01483 420633. Thank you. 

Wondering what the family is going to do for Lent? The family photo Lent Challenge is coming soon... Watch this space!

Fancy joining an Easter Choir? We are putting together a choir to support the 9.00am and 10.30am Easter Day Services at Busbridge (similar in style to the Christmas Carol Service). The music will be a mixture of classic and contemporary styles and you are welcome to join for both or just one if you have a preference of style. Rehearsals for the Classic 9.00am service will be held on either Mondays or Thursdays at 8.00pm (depending on majority preference). The contemporary material for the 10.30 service will be rehearsed separately during a Choir Workshop event on  Saturday 30th March. All are welcome - the only requirement is that you enjoy singing. If you'd like to be involved, or to find out more about either choir or the Choir Workshop in March, contact Julie Nelson.

David & Jill Mace would like to thank everyone for their prayers.

On 31st March, ARK and Explorers are combining for a Pirate Praise Party – “The adventure continues!”. Dress up is optional (but encouraged!)

Have you dipped in to the website to catch up on sermons you might have missed? This Sunday is the first anniversary of the current system of our popular online recordings and there have been nearly 5,000 plays in that time! Huge thanks to Tim Davies and our  amazing sound and tech teams for making this available to everyone.

The top five are:

- Busbridge Carol Service (101 plays)

- Awayday Keynote (97 plays)

- A Christmas Thought (Hambledon Pub Carols) (93 plays)

- 2018 Away Day True Grit (Simon Taylor) (84 plays) - Psalm 139 Superheroes  (82 plays).

Why not take a moment, make a cup of tea and catch up on that sermon you missed?

Emma and James Ellin would like to share some good news! They are expecting a baby in June and would be very grateful for prayers as the pregnancy continues. Thank you to all those who have journeyed with us, and thanks to God for sustaining us this far, we trust He will continue to uphold us in the weeks ahead!

Liz Gorst in the Church office asks that if anyone else would like to contribute to Karen Kinder’s thank you gift, that they drop it off to the Old Rectory before Friday next week (22nd February).

You may have noticed that a pew has been moved in Busbridge Church; this is the first of the pews to be removed in relation to the reordering. The sample pew will be on display in various locations over the next few weeks. We will be selling the pews after Easter. More information coming soon.


·  The interviews for our new Youth Minister at the end of February

·  David Mace & David Jenkins

·  The Bridge Magazine

·  Phillips Close and their road steward Keith Harper

·  The Drive, St Edmund’s School & Cricket Green