Sunday 6 January 2019

Worship update...We’re delighted to announce that due to the giving for music-worship, Lisa is now with us full time from Jan 1st, this post is initially for two years. Thank you to everyone who is part of this. The worship space (Busbridge) team is working hard and things are progressing well; we’ve finished reviewing the scheme, are meeting at the beginning of January with the wider group helping move things forward, and will soon be issuing tender documents. We’re grateful to Tim Davies for some recent input.

A reminder that next week is our Resolution Sunday service across the benefice.

For all the ladies who are in a post-Christmas haze and wondering how they’ll face these dark days of winter, why not revitalise your 2019 wardrobe with the simply fabulous Swap ‘til you drop?! Happening on Friday 1st February at the Old Rectory, this social and fun event is a chance to re-home all those items of clothing/accessories that you simply don’t wear anymore and replace them with lots of gorgeous new (to you) things. A great event to bring lots of friends too - find out more and book your ticket/s now by going to Now, time to look through that wardrobe...

Calling all musicians and singers! We are looking for musicians and singers to step forward and join our fantastic worship team. We are looking for instrumentalists, both classical and contemporary, and singers to help us to continue to build on musical worship across all services within the benefice as well as worship evenings and Church events. If you are interested in getting involved please contact Lisa, detailing which congregation you are part of and which instrument you play or if you are a vocalist. Email

Speaking of singing, don’t forget that our new Sing it out! choir  will be starting on Wednesday 16th January, 9.30am at the Busbridge. All welcome.


Nexus are delighted to start their 2019 programme, on Thursday 10th January, with a talk by (The Hon. Mr Justice) Andrew Baker, on “What it means to be a High Court Judge?” This promises to bring fascinating insights into an eminent part of our British legal system. The meeting starts at 8.00pm in Busbridge Church Centre, with New Year drinks and nibbles before Andrew starts his talk.  All are very welcome, including men for this event. We look forward to seeing you.


The Alpha course starts on January 9th in the Old Rectory. Please be praying and thinking about who you could invite; invitation cards are available in all services.



·  The proposed changes to Busbridge Church

·  The search for our new Youth Minister at BHC

·  David Jenkins, who has been unwell

·  The unemployed

·  Local pubs and clubs

·  Old Barn View and their road steward  Jane Tomes

·  Station Road and Vann Lane