Sunday 1 July 2018

Church Cottage Renovation update…Still waiting to get quotes...please pray for an uncomplicated start to the project.

The Old Rectory project is entering its next phase with work being done on Church Cottage and plans are progressing for the Church Centre drop-in space (thanks to Chad Grayer and Tom Jones). We’ve looked at the finances and they will be reported to PCC on 9th July. A couple of days after we’ll be able to give an update on finances and plans to all who have donated in the past or are giving monthly.

Welcome to Lisa Olsworth-Peter. Lisa is our new music-worship pastor and the family has joined us from Ely. Lisa’s role is currently 2 days a week plus Sunday but we’ve committed as a church to developing this role over the next few months. Lisa has a wealth of experience including the West End, worship teams, speaking on worship at New Wine and elsewhere, and ‘pop-up’ choirs.

We’ve had Kate Kaye as our amazing PCC secretary for the past few years. Kate will be stepping down over the summer with our thanks for all that she has done. If you could be our next PCC secretary please speak to Simon or one of the wardens. There are six meetings a year.

Thanks to the 50+ women who came along to the Great Girls’ get together - it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening (thanks team) and great to connect so many women in the BHC community.

Boys’ BBQ and Beer Bash  - Friday 14th September. More details to follow… If you would like to help organise it, please speak to Dave Preece.

Both Bryan & Tori Silletti have been recommended for training for ordination and will be leaving for Trinity College Bristol in early September. They say “We want to say ‘Thank You!’ to everyone at Busbridge&Hambledon church for being such an amazing family to us over the past three years.  We have been truly blessed by you all through time spent with you as well as prayers, fellowship, meals, love, financial support and a myriad of experiences - we’d like to put on a 'thank you' BBQ at the Old Rectory from 12pm on Sunday the 2nd of September and we would love you to be able to join us.” Please add to your diaries if you can come along, and congratulations to them both.

On Thursday 5th July at Nexus, Helen Sturney will demonstrate Kusudama, an ancient Japanese craft of folding and pasting squares of coloured paper.  She assures us it’s easy to do and we’ll have a lovely Kusudama flower or two to take home. Come and get creative – it should be a fun evening! Busbridge Church Centre at 8.00pm.

· Dave & Hannah Preece following Dave’s ordination
· Service men and women
· Duncombe Rd and their road steward, Carol Jones
· Home Farm Road & Church Lane