Sunday 2 July 2017

Our new curate, Dave Preece will be officially starting at Busbridge&Hambledon Church the first week of July. He will be attending the full range of services over the coming weeks as well as meeting many of you as part of his induction process. Do make sure you take the opportunity to give a warm BHC welcome to Dave, Hannah and family when you meet them. Once he’s established in the church office, his email will be

Strictly Pathfinders End of Term BBQ... happening on Friday 14th July on Busbridge Rec at 6.30pm. The whole family can join their Pathfinders and celebrate another great term of Strictly fun. All food is provided, but please email if you’d like to go along so he can get an idea of numbers.

Midsummer Music at Malthouse Farm
Thanks to all those involved in the organisation, the performing and the audience for this lovely event in aid of Old Rectory. This musical delight raised a healthy £2,637, which is just fantastic!

Old Rectory Team Update
Thanks to Greg King for offering to help with clearing bushes in the Old Rectory garden; to Nelleke Noort for offering to co-ordinate all the Action Team leaders and Jo Cookes for offering to help with another aspect of the Old Rectory project; Julie Nelson for stepping forward to lead the Hospitality Action Team; and David Hart for offering to help oversee work on Church Cottage with some other people. We still need one person to approach Simon to help organise what we hope will be our final gift day for the project (sometime in the Autumn) once we know the gap between the incredible giving and the building work costs.

Re-ordering of the Nave
Don't forget there will be a presentation about the re-ordering of the nave next Sunday, 9th July, at the end of the Classic service, 9.45am, followed by Q&A, and importantly coffee and cake at the Old Rectory afterwards.

Blokes and Ladies
Thanks to Ian White and Nigel Hodson for a brilliant Bloke’s evening last Monday and to Ruth Roseblade for hosting an impromptu Ladies’ Get Together at her house.

New Address
Sarb & Karen Klair would like to let the folk of Busbridge&Hambledon know their new address: please contact the church office if you'd like to have it.

Saturday the 23rd September – BBQ Social – 11 am – 2pm
On Saturday 23rdSeptember we are going to have a BBQ and social for all those within Busbridge&Hambledon Church.  Our hope is that this is a time to have some fun, enjoy a burger or sausage and be together. We would love to have everyone from BHC pop in for the afternoon or only as long as it takes to get a fresh burger or sausage and go on with whatever your plans are for the day at any time from 11.00am to 2.00pm.  In addition, we hope to have representatives from each of the various home groups within BHC. If you have any interest in understanding what a home group is like or explore being in a home group, then please come along. For the month of October, we are going to have a “Taste and See” option for all our home groups where anyone can pop in or pop out as they please to see who is meeting, where they are meeting, what this home group thing is all about and whether you might like to join. If there are any questions, then please contact Bryan Silletti at the church office 01483 421267 or email

Home Group Style ALPHA starting in the Autumn
One of our home groups has decided to run an ALPHA course beginning in September. If you have not been on the ALHPA course before, please do consider attending. The details are still being finalised, but if you are interested in attending ALPHA or you know of a friend that might like to attend ALPHA then please consider asking them.  Perhaps this is an opportunity to pray about who you might be encouraged to ask to attend ALPHA.  If you have any questions, then please email or contact the church office at 01483 421267 or just catch Bryan Silletti to discuss if you have questions.

On Thursday 6th July, Pam Cookney and fellow mosaics enthusiast, Sandy Hannington, will give us a short introduction to the fascinating art of making mosaics. They’ll show samples of mosaics they have created and explain the processes involved. We’ll then have a go ourselves, which should be fun!  Come along and maybe get inspired to start making your own mosaics. We’ll meet at 8.00pm in the Busbridge Church Centre, and there’ll be drinks and nibbles and time for a chat before the talk / demonstration starts.  All are very welcome!

please pray for…
· David Preece, Sarb Klair and Jo Trickey being ordained this weekend
· The Preece family as they join us at Busbridge&Hambledon
· Pri Burford, Mark Pateman, Chris and Maggie Jagger and Tom Jones – the mission team supporting worship at St Mark’s and Ockford Ridge.
· Rev Jane Vlach as she prepares to move to the town centre parish
· Michael Barrett in the Royal Surrey· Andrew Baker and Brian Oxborough and their continuing recoveries
· North Munstead Lane and their road stewards, Mark & Katrina Williams
· Station Road and Vann Lane