Sunday 18 June 2017

A HUGE thank you to all the highly enthusiastic participants in the BIG Spring Clean last Saturday. An incredible amount was achieved by the 75+ adults and children who came along. It was such a fun day and the lunch was absolutely delicious - a special thanks to the cooks! If you weren’t able to come along this year, make sure you put it in your diary for 2018. As one punter said “Very fellowship of the year…”.

Do you live in or near Hambledon? Do you like chatting and drinking tea?
If so, your help is needed. Our Befriending Network desperately needs more volunteers: people who can spare an hour or two a month to visit someone locally who is feeling isolated. To find out more contact Penny Naylor on 01483 421267 or or check out our website for more details

Congratulations to Keith Harper on being selected as an LLM (Reader). Keith will begin his theological training in the near future. We are also pleased to welcome Clare Haddad back as a newly approved LLM after her placement at a church in Guildford.

IMPORTANT: Great Girls’ Get Together
This event, due to be held on Tuesday 27th June has had to be cancelled due to a lack of team prepared to run it. Apologies for any inconvenience. The Boys’ Beer Bash on 26th June is still going ahead so men, please make sure you book your tickets for that ASAP as they are going like hotcakes.

Update on Brian Oxborough
Just to let you all know that Brian is due to come home from Milford Hospital on Monday 19th June. Pat would be very pleased if anyone would like to visit Brian at home, but with various professional folk calling throughout the day, please check with her first.

Old Rectory team support needed
Simon is looking for 3 people to help the Old Rectory team over the next couple of months. Roles needed: someone with organisation and admin ability to help organise the Action Teams for doing various things and 2 people to help us approach the church for the final crucial (and not insignificant) challenge of completing the finances for Old Rectory; this is about planning, communication by explaining what is needed, priority decisions to make and why they matter. Please see Simon to volunteer your time and join the Old Rectory team. All are invited to a short presentation and open mic for questions about opening the main area of the church up. Two dates: 25th June at 11.45am or 9th July, 9.45am.

Job Opportunity: Verger needed (paid position)
Applications invited for a successor to Busbridge's Verger retiring in October. Details from Keith Harper ( or Frances Shaw (

Update on Music Development Role
Over the past few weeks, at the PCC’s request, we’ve been explaining the importance of music in worship and seeking to set out a vision for where it might develop further if someone was given dedicated time for this (ie: remunerated part time – far less than the previous role). There hasn’t been any response to the invitation to help support this financially so it is now right that we review where we go next with music. We have great musicians and are incredibly grateful for their time, commitment and gifts. We’ll be gathering the musicians together soon. The situation as it currently stands is that we have recently ‘lost’ two musicians, the leader of classic music has had a baby (congratulations Jenna!), there is a space in the area of oversight of music development and we have no-one holding music ministry together. A lack of response is not necessarily a poor response. It may be that everyone is very aware that we need to raise significant funds to complete Old Rectory (more on that very soon); it is possible that we are not meant to be developing music at this time and that God has other priorities for us as His church family; it may be that God wants us to look at Sunday worship differently in the future and we need to be open to this possibility.

Many of you will know, and remember, Ian and Karen Cooke, who worshipped here for several years, until they moved to Milford.  Ian was one of our wonderful sound team and they also belonged to one of our house groups.  We are deeply saddened to have to tell you that Ian died peacefully on Thursday 1st June, after a short illness. We send our love and prayers to Karen, Molly and Stanley. Ian’s funeral will take place at Clandon Wood on Thursday 22nd June at 1.00pm followed by burial.  Any friends who would like to come to the service will be very welcome. Please hold Karen and the children in your prayers, together with Ian’s family and many friends.

Can you help?
“Summer going too quickly? Do you fancy leaving the country in the autumn and returning in the spring having spent it in the sun of say Oz or NZ? But maybe you are worried about who will look after your house or pets? We are looking for 6/7 months’ alternative accommodation whilst builders are working on our house - we could housesit for you! and pay for your flights plus extras. If you are interested contact Nigel Hodson"

please pray for…
· Those involved in the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy
· Karen Cookes and her family
· The family and friends of Sam Glover
· Andrew Baker - now out of St George’s, London
· Michael Barrett in the Royal Surrey
· Monteagle & Westdean and their road stewards, Guy & Jo Cookes
· South Munstead Lane and The Hydons