Sunday 12th February 2017

A note from Andy Spencer

Thank you Classic Congregation so much for the wonderful gift you gave me on completion of my 10 year stint as Congregational Leader. I will report back when I've been on the Tour of the Principality/Millennium Stadium with one of the all time greats!


Hambledon Prayer Breakfast
A reminder that the breakfast is taking place on Saturday 18th February in the Hambledon Church Room. All welcome.


Celebration Service

Join us for a celebration service in Busbridge Church at 10.00am on Sunday 5th March, with special activities for children. Following the main service there will be a short ceremony in the Old Rectory Garden to mark its future role in Busbridge Church’s ministry, with coffee and anniversary cake. All are very welcome.

This will be followed by a Spring BBQ lunch to which all are welcome, whether or not they have attended the service. To help with planning for the lunch please let us know if you will be joining us by emailing with “service” as your message title, or sign up in the back of church (Busbridge).


150th Celebration March 5th Can you help with any of the following?

· We need a few easy assemble pop-up gazebos to supplement the existing marquees as a wet weather contingency. Can you lend one?

· Could you help keep the roads safe as a parking marshal before the service (you will be fully briefed)?

· Could you be part of a team clearing up on the Sunday afternoon?

If you can help with any of these please get in touch with Janine Bailey on 07941 131162 or

Old Rectory
Only 3 weeks to go to our March 5th Anniversary Service

Prayer: As we approach the 150th anniversary of Busbridge Church, pray that God will bless the future of our church and that each of us will find our role as we build for that future

Action: We have various activities planned for the anniversary celebrations.

150 years...75hours...24/7prayer

So what’s the deal?

March 1st – 8.00pm, Ash Wednesday is the 150th Anniversary of Busbridge Church. We’re calling every member of the church to worship at 8.00pm and/or come at 9.00pm for a whole church 40 minutes of prayer for Old Rectory and the future.

From the end of the Ash Wednesday Service at 9.00pm we plan to cover the following 75 hours in  24/7 prayer to commit the coming years and future of the church to God's directing.

So that means...

24/7 prayer from 9.00pm Wednesday 1st March to 

midnight Saturday 4th March 2017


When we pray, God hears us – we’re starting a conversation with the Creator of the universe.

When we pray, we partner with God to seek his Kingdom.


24/7   What - me? Pray for a whole hour?

When you pray - here are some tips...

· Recognise your attention span and work with it

· Brew up a cuppa? Spend a brief time being quiet and still. Our Father God is very happy to spend time with you

· Give thanks and count your blessings

· Read a portion of Scripture e.g. Psalm 23, Psalm 25, Psalm 37:1 – 7, Ephesians 3:14 – 20

· Take strength and comfort from what you read

· Pray for the Church and our future. There will be a bullet point information sheet available

“I sought the Lord and He answered me”

Psalm 34:4

What you can do right now is sign up for the 24/7 Prayer Week. We have an online prayer calendar, sign up now by going to and choosing which slot(s) you'll pray. Let's work together as a church to pray continually over that time!


You’re missing out!! Get on the email list!
Would you like to get the notices by email each week? This bit of paper you are holding can only hold so much information and there’s usually quite a bit of overflow that you only find out about if you get the weekly email. To go on the list contact


Prayer Triplets
Caroline Luard has been charged with finding out how many people in Busbridge&Hambledon are involved in prayer triplets/partners. It would be very helpful if you could drop her a quick email if you are in one. Email

Blokes’ Biking happening again on Wednesday 8th March. This group of blokes of all ages, shapes, sizes, biking ability and sense of balance meet in the Homebase carpark at 7.30pm. The bike ride is followed by a restorative pint at a local hostelry. Feel free to join in for the pint end of things if you can’t make the cycle. To get on the mailing list

please pray for…

· Local leisure centres and gyms
· Isabel Mason as she recovers from a horse riding accident
· Busbridge Junior and their Headteacher recruitment team
· Those doing the March Marriage Preparation course· The first 150th Anniversary Celebration event
· The Alpha course
· Blewfield and their road steward, Shelagh Godwin
· Holloway Hill, St Hilary’s School and Roundals Lane