Sunday 17 December 2017

Old Rectory update
This week weather has disrupted works. However we have managed to concrete the slab to the front of the building and are continuing with internal demolition.   Mark Pateman

A reminder that the funeral for Linda Brown will be in Busbridge Church on Thursday 21st December at 11.00am. All who knew and loved Linda are warmly invited to the church service.

Besom Hampers
A huge thank you to everyone who donated wonderful treats for the Besom hampers. On Wednesday night 20 of us gathered to wrap and make 27 hampers. These are now being given to Besom recipients along with members of our Parish. Thank you all for this wonderful mission. Robbie Hume (Channel for Mission).

Weekday Carol Service
Did you know that a weekday afternoon carol service is held in Busbridge Church? This traditional service is hosted by Prime Time and is planned with the older generation in mind.  It is a service that is open to all, so please do consider if there is an older person known to you who you could invite along. This year’s service is taking place on Monday 18th December at 2.30pm. All welcome. And if added incentive were needed, mulled wine and mince pies will be served after the service! For further details or to book a place, contact Bryan or Penny in the Church office or email:

We begin our 2018 programme with a talk: 'Safe Online? Be Cybercrime Aware!’ with David Munro, Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner. There are always new things to learn about cybercrime, so come along on Thursday 4th January to learn how to keep your computer and yourself safe when online. We meet at 8.00pm in Busbridge Church Centre with a New Year drink and nibbles before the talk.  All are very welcome (including men).

Hambledon Prayer Breakfast
There will be no Hambledon Prayer Breakfast this month but we will return to the normal routine in January of the 3rd Saturday of the month.

Busbridge Classic & Contemporary 10.00am in 2018
A reminder that we’ll be giving the Classic its 10.00am space from the second Sunday in Jan 2018 (14th). The Contemporary will meet in Busbridge Junior School Hall at 10.00am. We’re grateful to all those who have helped us reflect on the past two years and plan for the future.

To clarify: 1st Sunday of January: Classic 9.00am, FUSE 10.30am in church building, 2nd Sunday: 10.00am in church and school, 3rd Sunday: Churches Together town service. 4th Sunday: 10.00am in church and school.

There is a new leaflet available in all Busbridge Services to help explain the changes.

Sermons you might have missed...
Have you missed a talk recently? Our talks and sermons are now uploaded to and eventually our website will also carry direct links for each congregation. Also, if you feel you can help this important ministry, please email

please pray for…
· Ruth Bennett & the friends and family of Linda Brown
· Friends and family of Diane Albery and Annaliese Boparai
· The homeless
· Local pubs and clubs
· The Drive and their road stewards, Rosie James & Philippa Baker
· Birchanger & Wormley Lane

This is the last noticesheet for 2017 - on behalf of the Busbridge&Hambledon Church staff team - have a safe and happy Christmas!

God Bless x