Lisa Olsworth-Peter

Music Worship Pastor

Lisa was born in Somerset (yes she does like Cider and no she hasn’t driven a tractor) and has spent the last 20 years travelling the length and breadth of the country building the skills that she is now using for God in the position of Music Worship Pastor for Busbridge&Hambledon Church.

She has been the director of various performing arts schools, set up and run numerous choirs and has also performed herself on London’s West End stage in Les Miserables.

She is married to Ed who is ordained and is the National Advisor for Pioneer Development and they have 3 children. Working alongside Ed during his time as a parish priest enabled Lisa to go deeper into her own ministry and develop the gifts God has given her in worship leading, nurturing others and helping people to connect with God through music and the creative arts. Lisa loves all things cheese, movie nights and a good pub lunch on a Sunday afternoon after Church.

Her favourite bible verses is “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” which she regularly recites during the children’s bath time! Lisa is thrilled to be part of the team at Busbridge&Hambledon and is looking forward to being part of its ministry.

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