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Going Deeper

As we go through 2018 I wonder what we see?
As a church, we’re focusing on three areas of Christian faith this year, based on Isaiah 43:19...


·         Truth in an age of many stories
·         Timing in an age of the immediate
·         Trust in an age of trials

What does this mean?
There’s a line in an interview (you can find it on youtube) with Russell Brand where he says something and the audience laugh along with him;

“I got carried away for a minute; I thought my haircut was more important than other people’s… I recognise…my own impermanence, my own irrelevance, the fact that I’m just a person shuffling through life.”

As a Christian, I see that God does not create anything with irrelevance in mind, but apart from this, I feel that Russell Brand is right on so many levels; and if you listen to the interview you might realise that he’s a doyen of communicating deep messages in a pithy way.

We laugh at the idea of our haircut being more important… but substitute it for ‘I’, ‘my home’, ‘my children’…

‘I thought I was more important than other people…’

...and you begin to see that the comment could question the basis of much of how we see our relevance, importance and centrality.

So, Russell Brand and Isaiah 43:19 have a great deal in common. Both ask questions of identity and purpose.

But Isaiah 43:19 goes further and gives answers to the questions and this is why we’re spending the year looking to the living God through Truth, Timing and Trust:

God’s Truth is unchanging; we are called to know the Christian story and our own story of faith; sharing these faithfully and listening to other’s stories respectfully.

God’s Timing is perfect; he knows our beginning and our end and this is an important hope for all to discover for themselves.

Our Trust in God is one which is forged not through simple living but through lives forged in the complexities of life and faith. It is authentic trust in an age which is crying out for lasting authenticity.

Simon Taylor, Rector