Exploring is good. We're built for it. Explore life, faith and meaning. Try Alpha.

Lots of us have questions about life and faith, don’t we?  

Alpha has provided over 1.5 million people in the UK alone with an opportunity to explore different aspects of the Christian faith and to discuss their questions in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.


When is the next course?

The next course is scheduled for January 2019

The course runs for 12 weeks and includes dinner and a talk, where you can discuss all the questions you might have about the Christian faith.

If you'd like to join this course (even if it has already started) or would like to go on the mailing list for any future courses, please email alpha@bhcgodalming.org.


Who is it for?

Lots of people can enjoy and benefit from coming to Alpha…

  • If you are new to the Christian faith or just starting to ‘dip your toe in’

  • If your friends or family ask you about what you believe and you’re never really sure what to tell them

  • If you’ve been a Christian for a long while but have never felt you could ask questions about your faith

  • If you’re fairly new to church and want to get to know some more people

…then Alpha is for you!

No questions are off limits and no assumptions are made.

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