Previous Rectors

Busbridge&Hambledon Church

2010-present Rev Simon Dominic Kent Taylor (evangelical)

1994-2009 Rev Christopher Jolyon Trickey (evangelical) afterwards Vicar Holy Trinity, Nailsea




1987-1994 Rev “JP” Peter John Partington  (evangelical)afterwards Director Ordinands, Guildford and Vicar St Saviour’s, Brookwood and Emmanuel, Mayford

1978-1987 Rev Henry Ian Gordon-Cumming (evangelical) afterwards Vicar of St Luke’s, Milland West Sussex

1970-1978 Canon Jack Joseph Cresswell  (evangelical)

1939-1969 Hon. Rev Augustine John de Clare Studdert afterwards Venerable Archdeacon of Surrey (catholic)

1927-1938 Rev Francis Symes-Thompson (catholic)

1905-1927 Rev Capt. Henry Meredith Larner (catholic)afterwards Vicar of Milford-on-Sea, New Forest

1898-1905 Rev Albert Gossage Robinson (evangelical) afterwards Venerable Archdeacon of Surrey

1894-1898 Rev C H Hill, curate in charge during “dark period” for parish according to Parish Magazine 1898

1892-1894 Rev Frederick Mills Garrett (christian-socialist) afterwards eloped, actor and name changed

1867-1892 Rev William Tringham, (evangelical) first Rector of Busbridge church afterwards Vicar of Long Cross, Chertsey

1865-1867 Rev William Tringham, (evangelical) first curate of Busbridge Farm barn church in the parish of St Peter & Paul, Godalming

Hambledon Church (St Peter's Hambledon)

Prior to 1996 : formation of Busbridge and Hambledon Benefice

1994-1996 Rev Geoffrey B Charrett (evangelical)

1989-1994 Rev Christopher J Blissard-Barnes (evangelical)

1985-1989 Rev Peter F Sertin (evangelical)

1974-1985 Rev David J Thompson (evangelical)

1957-1974 Rev C Edward Elton (evangelical)

1948-1957 Rev Alan E Borthwick (evangelical)

1946-1948 Hon. Rev L M Teuton (evangelical)

1915-1946 Rev Canon Edward J Seymour (evangelical)

1908-1915 Rev Isaac Robinson Timperley (evangelical)

1875-1907 Rev Richard Phillips (died in post; evangelical)

1859-1875 Rev Evan Edward Rowsell

1854-1859 Rev Henry Wright

1850-1853 Rev William Wilkinson (died in post)

1833-1850 Rev Edward Bullock (curate from 1822, rebuilt current church)         

1823-1833 Rev William Arundel Bouverie afterwards Archdeacon of Norfolk (high church)

1810-1823 Hon. Rev Frederick Playdell Bouverie (high church)

1790-1810 Rev Edward Cooper (also Vicar of Yetminster, Dorset)

1756-1790 Rev Edward Eliot

1742-1756 Rev William Eliot of Busbridge Hall (also Rector of Dunsfold and Chaplain to HRH Frederick, Prince of Wales; grandson of Rev Joseph Ritchardson)

1702-1742 Lord Dewsbury The Rev Joseph Ritchardson (also know as Ralph, also Rector of Dunsfold and Alfold, a Protestant)

1691 Deacon William Denyer (only Deacon in the entire Diocese – probably Puritan)

1681-1702 Rev Jonathan Jones (Puritan)

1631-1681 Rev John Nevison (also known as Roger, longest serving member of clergy, a Puritan)

1630-1931 Rev Caleb Eliot of Busbridge Hall, died in post (probably Puritan)

1617-1630 Ralph (Rafe) Browne (first time title ‘minister’ used; on arrest warrant for Protestant beliefs, issued by Sir Robert Cecil 22nd Oct 1598. A Puritan)

1589-1617 Rev Richard Browne (probably Puritan)

1572-1589 Rev John Moling (probably Puritan)

1568-1572 Rev Henry Adams (also known as Ogan) (a Puritan)

1560-1568 Rev Richard Beaver

1557-1560 Rev Thomas Harde

1545-1557 Rev John Twissilton

1534-1545 Rev Thomas Draper

1534 Church of England formed

1515-1534 Rev Robert Turner 

1393-1534 Date records lost

D?-D? Rev William Hall 

1393-? Rev Robert Atte Berghe (?Son of Merwenna le Vag)

1391-1393 Rev Thomas Bussebrygge

1389-1391 Rev Thomas Stone

1382-1389 Rev John Eton

1377-1382 Rev Thomas Ofrarde (Offorde or Ofrorde)

1370-1377 Rev Ivo (or Yvo) Snowe

1367-1370 Rev Thomas Joskyn (Rector title first used)

1361-1367 Rev Stephen Mason

1360-1361 Rev Richard Lawless

1354-1360 Rev John Earl

1349-1354 Rev Simon De Valete

1343-1349 Rev William De Swanebury (possibly of Merton College, Oxford?)

1306-1343 Rev Thomas Le Bel (or Beel)

1301-1306 Rev Aurey

1294?-1301 Rev John (Chaplain of Okewode)

1272-1294 Rev Robert 'Parson' (Twice failed to appear in court in 1279 whilst Parson of 'Hameldon')