Previous Churchwardens


2016-present        Dr Frances Shaw Busbridge

2015- present       Alan Harvey Hambledon

2013- present       Mark Williams Busbridge

2014- present       Elizabeth Cooke Hambledon

2012-2015            Jacqui Rook Hambledon

2012-2016            Dudley Hilton Busbridge

2011-2014             Vicky Page Hambledon

2007-2013            Dr Frances Shaw Busbridge

2007-2011            Lynda Donaldson Busbridge

2007-2011            Nigel Pollock Hambledon

2004-2007           Graham Sopp Busbridge

2002-2007           Clare Haddad Busbridge

2000-2004           Richard (Dick) Higgins Busbridge

2000                    Graham Sopp Busbridge

1997- 2002           Jill Johnston Busbridge

1995-2000           Alan Betts Busbridge

1992-1997            Jill Mace Busbridge


(see below for Hambledon)

1990-1995           Christopher “Chris” Morse

1989-1992           Ann Lear

1988-1990           Alan Harvey

1985-1989           Ian Head

1967-1980           John Loveless

1967-1980           Paul Grotrian

1946-1950           Robert Janus (James) Pitchers People’s warden

1943-1946           W E Mirfield People’s warden

1929-1942           Miss Vera Caudwell People’s warden

1929                    Lt -Col Thomas Richard Phillips People’s warden

1925-1929           Benjamin John Hancock People’s warden

1921-1929            George Frederick Mansbridge Rector’s warden

1921-1925            David Caudwell People’s warden

1917-1920            Edward Daniel Barnes People’s warden

1917-1918             Herbert Fiton Adams People’s warden

1913-1917             Cleaver Woodcock People’s warden

1913-1916             Edward Percy Hollams People’s warden

1910-1929            William Charles A Debenham Rector’s warden

1907-1911             Percy Henry Horton People’s warden

1907-1911             Worshipful Councillor Lt-Col. Stephen Babington,
                            Mayor of Godalming Rector’s warden

1902-1907            Worshipful Councillor Lt-Col. Stephen Babington,
                            Mayor of Godalming People’s warden

1896-1903            Charles D Heatley of Shackleford House Rector’s warden

1892-1902            Charles John Barlow J.D. People’s warden

1871-1885             Bryant Marshall

1869-1871             L Edwards

1868-1869            Mansel? Rogers, Officer East Indian Maritime Service

1868-?                 Captain John Ramsden (Royal Artillery) of Busbridge Hall


Peter Tatlow

Nigel Pollock

Jean Adams

John Morris

Ray Williams

Mike McCann Keeper of the Great Clock, Big Ben

Arthur Plowright

Tom Arden-White

Ray Williams

1983- ? Peter Roderick  Known as “come on, come on, go!” as he used to say this end of children’s service each Sunday because more traditional service goers would be coming for next one

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