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From 14th January 2018 there are changes afoot at Busbridge Church…

2 services...same time...different locations...different styles...

What's the difference?

The Classic
Held in: Busbridge Church : Time: 10.00am
□ Well-known hymns in a beautiful building
□ Bible-based teaching
□ Space for reflection including some silence

□ Prayerful with spiritual depth
□ Genuine, comfortable, familiar, purposeful
□ More like Classic FM than Radio 3
□ Enjoy coffee after the service and each other’s company
□ Children welcome for the whole service

The Contemporary
Held in: Busbridge Junior School Hall : Time: 10.00am
□ Band-led music
□ Bible-based teaching
□ A worshipping community in a non-church environment

□ Authentic and real
□ Welcoming and genuine
□ Challenging and with deep preaching
□ Community and friendship
□ Committed
□ Coffee before and during worship


If you're interested in finding out what is happening with the Busbridge Contemporary Service - where it is going, what it is about and the next steps, then take a look here