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Associate minister

We’re looking for God’s person to develop significant aspects of our ministry, join an established and visionary staff team and minister in a church committed to growth, discipleship and worship. Busbridge and Hambledon Churches are a United Benefice and we’re known as ‘BHC’.

Our mission is to love God, make disciples
and transform communities

Everything we do folds into at least one of these core mission areas. Our vision is to play our part in bringing the nation to Christ, as we are intentional about our walk with God, growing in our appreciation of the Bible and open to the Holy Spirit.

Role summary

  • Lead a dedicated team to develop our ministries in discipleship and evangelism
  • Develop worship and mission in the village of Hambledon
  • Grow the Benefice 6.30 congregation and link with the associated 20-30s group

We are praying for someone called by God, who loves Jesus, holds the Bible as God’s revealed Truth and is open to the renewing work of Holy Spirit.

Who we are

BHC is one Church across three sites in six congregations of differing size and style. We are an evangelical Anglican Church and open to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

There has been a Christian witness in the village of Hambledon for 1,000 years.  Busbridge parish, Godalming, was formed in the 1860s. The two parishes were united in the 1990s. We work, minister, laugh and cry together, recognising that we are stronger in the Lord by being One.

We are a church of many ministries led by dedicated Christians. There is a staff team which works across the Benefice and each congregation and location has something unique from the Lord to offer. Hambledon’s gift in recent years has been to model generosity and grace. It has a well-resourced building and dedicated faithful worshippers. Busbridge offers size and ministry breadth and is involved in a significant buildings and ministry development project which will benefit every location and congregation.


How the Associate position works

There are three aspects to the role:

  1. In Hambledon, it is to be church leader of the congregations of Hambledon Church; leading and developing mission into the village.  This is a small, faithful community desiring to grow in numbers and in faith.  It has its own lay leadership, worship leaders and structures.  It is expected that this will comprise 3-4 days of activity a week.
  2. Leadership and development of discipleship and evangelism across the Benefice. Discipleship ministry is ably supported by a dedicated lay team and a part time member of staff, responsible for evangelism and small groups, whom the Associate Minister line-manages.
  3. Leadership of the Benefice 6.30 congregation team and building up the associated 20-30s ‘Shift’ group.

Hambledon Church

Hambledon Church

What you’ll want to know about Hambledon

About Hambledon Congregations...

Each congregation across the Benefice has an active lay leadership team and the congregations include volunteer clergy (OLM, NSM or retired) and LLMs. There are two main congregations in Hambledon.

Hambledon 9.00am Heritage (BCP) caters for 20-30 people and is a growing congregation. Robes with preaching scarf are worn. It is a close community, open to change, full of the love and joy of Christ. Singing is undertaken with gusto! There is an unusually high degree of lay involvement in what may be perceived as a ‘traditional’ service.

Hambledon 10.30am Contemporary is relaxed with worship led by gifted musicians on the guitar or piano. There are 20-30 worshippers, including children. Messy Church is held bi-monthly either in the church, the local nursery school or village hall and regularly attracts around 30 children.

The congregations sometimes meet in other places in the village, for example, at Christmas we hold a unique, packed carols-in-the-pub event in The Merry Harriers.  All congregations of BHC gather on the village green for a biennial marquee service.


About Hambledon people...

We have invested in a part time children’s worker position which is dedicated to Hambledon. The post sits within the wider children and youth team of the Benefice but has a remit to specifically develop ministry in Hambledon through working with the Associate Minister. Our previous post-holder has recently moved away due to family commitments. We are committed to filling this post once the Associate Minister has arrived.

At Hambledon the Rev David Jenkins is an OLM who primarily oversees the Heritage congregation and has a visible presence in the village; for example, David is a church trustee of the village almshouses. In the week David is a full time businessman. David Hodson has completed the Diocesan Occasional Preachers course. Pastoral care for Hambledon is overseen by our Diocesan trained Pastoral Assistant, Jacqui Rook.


About Hambledon Opportunities...

We long to grow in expectancy in God. We want increasingly to let God lead us, rather than doing it ourselves. We know this means regularly reviewing our activities to see if they are effective. We are sure it will mean becoming bolder in using the gifts God has given us and giving more of ourselves to His service, particularly in these areas:

  • There are many families in the village we still need to reach and the church age profile is currently higher than the average for the area
  • To continue to be involved fully in the life of the village and build on the relationships that have been forged with the schools, pub, village shop and village sports teams
  • To be open to reviewing our worship, so that we are best placed to meet the needs of our community and reach the next generation. Provision of musicians at the later service has been more of an issue recently


What you’ll want to know

About Benefice Discipleship...

We have long recognised the need across the Benefice to deepen and enliven our discipleship in God’s service. We believe that a deepening and maturing life of discipleship naturally leads to growing evangelism. There is much to encourage us in the variety of our ministry and in the good work that is being done, such as preaching seminars, mentoring and events. More could be developed in terms of biblical literacy and Christian living. We are concerned that some of our discipleship lacks a cutting edge that could impact on our communities.

The oversight of discipleship includes managing the ministry of a part time staff member, Bryan Silletti. Bryan co-ordinates evangelism and small groups.


About the Benefice staff team

We are fortunate to have a large staff team;  all are licensed to the Benefice rather than to a particular site or congregation. There are good administrative, communications, pastoral care, clergy and LLM and children and youth resources. Most staff, including clergy and LLMs, focus on one or two particular congregations or a location but everyone is available to support everything and to lead and preach across the congregations. The Associate Minister is very much part of this Benefice team.


About the Benefice 6.30

The 6.30 is a relaxed band-led gathering of 40-60 worshippers and has become the home of the small but growing 20-30s group. It is also where the monthly Unplugged youth worship congregation meets, which is overseen by our Youth Minister in conjunction with the Associate Minister and the 6.30 team. There are opportunities to enhance the contemporary nature of the worship, widen its scope for younger people and encourage further openness to the Holy Spirit.


The Right Person

The characteristics we are looking for include:

  • God honouring, Jesus centred and Spirit filled; with the centrality of the Cross in your life and faith
  • A strong belief and prior experience in discipleship and faith nurturing and the centrality of these for introduction to and growth in Christian faith
  • A leader who will bring ideas with a positive and ‘can do’ approach to life, a strong team commitment with a collegial approach to ministry which builds people up, affirms and values the gifts others offer
  • Approachable with a pastoral heart and able to attract people to Christ
  • Appreciate and deliver within the range of worship streams across the six congregations of the Benefice
  • Able and passionate preacher of the Word of God
  • A person of prayer with conviction in Jesus at the heart of your faith leading you to being a person known to hold a positive outlook
  • As an evangelical you’ll have an evangelising and discipleship heart with conversion, outreach, mission and a real conviction that people matter to Christ being important
  • You’ll know how to relax and have fun with a good sense of humour
  • Have a quiet inner confidence and knowledge of who you are that is demonstrated through your humility and openness to share authority


Your home

The Associate Minister lives in Hambledon and this gives a ministry of presence which is important in a village setting. ‘Mervil Bottom’ was built in 1603 and the aerial image can be found by entering GPS reference  51.135502,-0.624914 in google maps.

There are three bedrooms and a bathroom and a self-contained annex in the garden in what was once the village forge. Privacy is a principle to be honoured amidst the visibility of what is a public ministry. The Benefice office is in Busbridge and there is expectation that this will be the usual place of ministry.


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Next steps

Busbridge&Hambledon Church takes its safeguarding responsibilities seriously. The post will be offered subject to enhanced DBS and safer recruiting is part of the application process. The Associate Minister post is offered for an initial period of six years; at which point the Benefice is able to request renewal of post.

This role has a Genuine Occupational Requirement under The Equality Act 2010, Schedule 9, Part 1, an ethos based on religion or belief. The role has been assessed as being one in which the person is a visible and known representative of the Church of England, its beliefs and values; will be engaged in the Christian ministry of prayer, healing, reconciliation, as well as discipleship; and will engage in Christian worship, prayer and Bible study.

You will reflect through attitude and action both the presence of the Spirit and the beliefs of the Christian church within the working environment and life of the Church.  You will adhere to evangelicalism according to the definition held by the Evangelical Alliance and the Church of England Evangelical Council.

  • Having read the profile we would ask you to pray whether you could be God’s person to be joining us. We are praying for you too.

  • If you would like an informal conversation or would like to make a brief visit please call Rev Simon Taylor on 01483 421267 or email
  • The closing date for applications is Midday Monday 30th October 2017.  Applications need to be returned to Rev Simon Taylor, Busbridge and Hambledon Church Office, Brighton Road, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1XA and marked ‘confidential’. They may be emailed
  • Those shortlisted will be invited for interview on Monday 13th November 2017.