Peter Shaw

What does it mean to go deeper as a disciple of Christ?  It can mean different things depending on where we are in our life and faith journey. It might mean understanding the context in which scripture was written more closely.  It might mean being increasingly open to listen to how Gospel truth impacts on our attitudes and the way we engage with colleagues at work or fellow members of our local community. 

Going deeper is not about digging a hole to bury our treasure in.  Going deeper is about constructing sure foundations so that the approach we take to life is founded on clarity about what Christian discipleship means and a thought through perspective on how best to live out the presence of God in the spheres in which we are privileged to move. 

Going deeper can mean facing into tough choices and addressing difficult issues.  On Palm Sunday Jesus rode into Jerusalem knowing that he would meet opposition and potential death.  He did what he felt called to do, recognising that the authorities of the day did not welcome his presence or his message. 

We are called to follow Christ as Master and Lord.  This might mean entering situations where we are not always welcome and bringing insight and perspective informed by our understanding of the Gospel messages of forgiveness, reconciliation, hope and resurrection.  Sometimes we might feel in danger of being ignored or rejected.  Being betrayed three times did not stop Jesus from holding his head up high and showing remarkable courage in the face of physical pain and human rejection.

What might going deeper mean for you over Holy Week as reflect on the courage of Jesus as he faced into rejection and pain?