David Jenkins

For the first time this year more than ten gardens and allotments in Busbridge were opened to the public on the same weekend. It was in aid of The Cellar Café and Cancer Research and it was a major success. We had 474 visitors contributing more than £3,250.

The weather was kind to us and there seemed to be an especially friendly atmosphere as people walked from one garden to another. Everyone seemed to enjoy seeing the beautiful summer flowers and the creative garden designs.

The seasons have now moved on from summer fruit and flowers to apples, pears, carrots beetroot and parsnips. We all enjoy this diversity and it seems strange to find that so many young children do not know where vegetables and flowers come from. So that in turn begs the question, whose job is it to teach them; is it the schools or the parents or someone else? It seems that because no one takes responsibility the whole matter gets kicked into the long grass.

Now if the children do not know how flowers, fruit and vegetables grow how can they possibly know about the loving creator God who is the source of all this beauty and abundance?

I believe that God wants us all to enjoy this harvest time and He takes pleasure in our enjoyment and thanksgiving for all His gifts.

It may not be our job to teach children how fruit, flowers and vegetables grow but it is our responsibility to make sure that we pass on to the next generation the knowledge of where all the blessing of Harvest comes from. It is not an easy task in this technologically savvy world but that’s the job we have been given and we have to make sure that we do not kick it into the long grass.