Peter Shaw

Today is Patronal Festival at Busbridge Church when we remember the contribution of John the Baptist.  Hambledon Church is named after the disciple Peter so the Benefice has two remarkable figures it holds in veneration.  Both John the Baptist and Peter pointed to Jesus as Master and Lord. 

John said he was not worthy to undo the sandals on Jesus’ feet.  He baptised Jesus and encouraged others to follow him.  Peter spoke up for Jesus at Pentecost and as leader of the young church.  Both John and Peter used the freedom they had to speak out.  Both took their responsibilities seriously and faced opposition and criticism. John was prepared to speak out describing the Pharisees as a 'brood of vipers'.

For two Sundays in July we will be looking at the theme of 'Freedom and Responsibility'. John and Peter used the freedoms they had to bring a voice that pointed to the relevance of the words and actions of Jesus. 

Jesus tells his disciples 'the truth will set you free'.  What is this freedom about?  A freedom from being enslaved by the expectations of others and our own self delusions.  A freedom that comes from the perspective of eternity that is grounded in a God who loves us and “sets us free so we are free indeed"

May we be inspired by John the Baptist and Peter as our Church patrons in the way they combined exercising freedom with a clear sense of living out their responsibilities.