Hilary Pettman

Only 15 days till Christmas! Are you ready? What else do you need to do? As I write this I still have so many gifts to buy, cards to write and food to prepare.

Our reading today from the prophet Isaiah set me thinking about what I would truly like to give and what would be the very best gift I could give if I only had the power. Here, it seems, is God’s preparation list; the gift he wants to bring to our world.

Justice for the poor and needy
Righteousness (goodness, honesty, faithfulness, integrity, right relationship to himself)
Wisdom and understanding
Peace and security
The Good News of his goodness and love to be known throughout the world

These surely are gifts we all long to receive. As we draw near to Christmas we praise God for the amazing gift of his dear Son, Jesus, in whom he wishes to give us all these things and much, much more. His Holy Spirit, his presence with us and the working out of all that he desires for us and for his world.

May we be those who can receive and share the Good News of all that God has prepared for us in Jesus.