David Mace

It seems a long while ago since we began our journey together through John’s gospel; admittedly we have done it in three sections, not covered everything and covered other books and issues in between. For myself, it has been a most rewarding series of studies and sermons.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed.

This Sunday we come to the last chapter which I have always had titled in my mind as ‘Breakfast in Galilee’. (Is this the only description of breakfast in the Bible?).  The two halves of the chapter are equally but differently evocative –first, sunrise on the lake, stillness and mistiness, tired frustrated fisherman, the lone figure hailing them and giving advice, the miraculous catch, the recognition of who he was and Jesus greeting them; and then secondly, the catch landed, breakfast eaten, most of them relaxing, but one person tense and probably still ashamed, how can he be forgiven, he who was to be the rock for Jesus to build on, the gentle questions and the charge given.

Can we not see ourselves in both these settings – struggling with the cares and details of life and failing to see the figure of he who promised to be with us always, failing to hear his voice and his guidance, and, - avoiding his presence and his gaze when we are feeling embarrassed or guilty at our failures, he wants to forgives us, to be with us, working with us to bring the good news of forgiveness to our world of family and friends, colleagues and acquaintances and those we seemingly meet randomly.

Then Jesus said to Peter, ‘Follow me’ .