Sovereign Lord, nothing is too hard for you
— Jeremiah 32:17

2017...a year of Spiritual Awakening!

Year of spiritual awakening 2017.jpg

2017 is an exciting year of spiritual awakening across Busbridge&Hambledon Church.

There are four areas of focus for this spiritual awakening as we grow in living the Truth that nothing is too hard for the Lord.

The Christian Life

We’re working out together what the marks of Living Christianity are. This starts in April with sermons and midweek groups looking at 2 Timothy; it continues through the year as we draw together the key aspects of Living Christianity.

Think Small

Everyone is connected to a midweek small group where Scripture, Faithful living, care evangelism and worship are seen as practical out-workings of awakened faith and small groups become centres of evangelism and local action. We’ll be looking at this from mid-year onwards.

Walk the talk

Where faith is expressed through action which transforms lives and lifestyles; finances, time, purpose and effort reflect the certain hope we have in Christ. The most obvious practical outworking of this is the Old Rectory project and how ministry grows out of this building as a resource for God’s work.

Expect more of God

Shark-fish. Where we may start with small-faith but we desire to see more of God at work; and expect more of God in our lives, worship and preaching of God’s Word. Expecting more means becoming more involved and giving of self because Jesus gave of himself first for us.

Spiritual awakening is something for each of us no matter who we are; our past or present; existing depth of faith or our level commitment to being the family of God locally.

We’re probably similar to a group of people once described as ‘sober, orderly and good sort(s)… preserved…from error and…not so much corrupted’.

It was this same church which found ‘that the Spirit of God began extraordinarily to set in, and wonderfully to work amongst us. There were, very suddenly, one after another…persons who were…savingly converted. God made it the greatest occasion of awakening’

‘There was scarely a single person in the town, old or young, left unconcerned about the great things of the eternal world…God’s day was a delight… the congregation was alive in God’s service…from time to time in tears while the Word was preached.’

‘Our young people…were wont to spend their time in talking of the…dying love of Jesus Christ, the glory of the way of salvation, the wonderful, free and sovereign grace of God.’

‘These awakenings…have had two effects…quit…sinful practices…the other effect was that it put (people) on earnest application to the means of salvation, reading, prayer, meditation...An abiding change wrought on them… a new sense of things…and views of God.’

‘Here in this corner of the world, God dwells and manifests His glory’.

Jonathan Edwards, ‘The Surprising Work of God’, November 6th, 1736

And so it is with us in our 2017 year of Spiritual Awakening.