Would you like to know the nuts and bolts of what we stand for?

We’re a growing Christian community of imperfect people. We’ve got quite a pedigree of Christian-care for people and the area around Godalming. Our earliest records go back to 1202AD.

We don’t claim to be any better than anyone else in the street. This means everyone is welcome. We have the same struggles and aspirations as anyone else. Where we hope we are different is that we are learning to live out our beliefs in our daily lives.

To help us in this journey of living for God we meet across three sites in six congregations. We are united in our vision to grow as followers of Jesus. Each congregation and location is slightly different in character but all have the same DNA of identity and shared belief and habits centred on the Bible and Jesus Christ.

We believe in abundant love, laughter, growth, grace, goodness, friendship, walking alongside those in sadness and loss, encountering God, encouraging faith in Jesus and discovering the forgiving power of the Cross.

Our hope is that everyone who experiences Busbridge and Hambledon Church will find their life is changed by the Holy Spirit because this change has an eternal impact.

We have lots of activities going on. Some are about transforming local communities, some focus on loving God through different expressions of worship and others are about becoming and making disciples – or learners – of Jesus.

vision-loving-god-making-disciples-transforming-communities-compressed-290x206-customThese are our mission: loving God, making disciples, transforming communities. We have a vision to bring the nation to Christ.

Our activities are overseen by a group of trustees. They are collectively called the Parish Church Council and include the clergy, church wardens, treasurer and about 20 other people. You can find out more on the governance of the church here.

As a church we have a set of values, otherwise known as doctrines. They are the basis of our existence. We are an Anglican church and part of the Church of England so we’re here for everyone, whoever they are. We are here to serve the entire local community because we believe this is God’s call on our lives.

The basis of our values is found in the 39 Articles of Religion.