Don’t miss ABC: Song and Story on July 14th at 2:15 PM!
We are 1 church at 3 sites in Godalming, Busbridge and Hambledon with 6 congretations.

Please pray for…

Minster Road & Feathercombe Lane All those involved in education The residents of Busbridge Lane and their road stewards, Nicky White, Maggie Jagger, Annie Marshall and Vic Hicks Healing for Zoe Field We pray for God’s comfort for the family and friends of the late Dane (Tubbs) Douetil, whose family own Busbridge Lakes.  

Come and meet a Bishop

The Right Reverend Michael Baughen, who was the Bishop of Chester before retirement, and is now a Godalming resident, invites you to join him for a cream tea and discussion at The Cellar in Crown Court, Godalming on Saturday 19th July from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. The Bishop is happy to field questions on anything, ranging […]

Prayer Day

Guildford Diocese are hosting a prayer day which include sessions such as Praying with your Child, Leading Prayers of Intercession, Stepping into Silence and Mindfulness: Finding Peace with ourselves. There are 16 different sessions to choose from (you select 3) and you can find out more by emailing [email protected] This workshop will be taking place […]

Fancy being a verger?

Every now and then, at Hambledon, we require help with the duties of verging at weddings and funerals.  We would like to make up a team of people we could call on occasionally – is there anyone who might be interested? This is a wonderful opportunity to serve the local community, you get paid for […]

War Poets

Our literature has a wonderful and terrible genre of WW1 poetry – notably that by Wilfred Owen – and of vocal settings. It is proposed we give a mixed performance, in church, of reading and singing – along similar lines to our George Herbert evening – and already we have encouraging response. Provisional date Friday […]

6.30 Unplugged

Unplugged is on again! Don’t know what it is?? Come along and find out! Our third ‘6.30 Unplugged’ is on July 20th. Come and join us for an evening of videos, singing, discussion, drama, music, texting, praying, talking, eating…Everyone welcome!  

Penny Ashton

The funeral service for Penny will be held at Guildford Crematorium on Monday 21st July at 2.15pm. All who knew Penny are welcome.  Please continue to remember her son Jon and her sister Jill in your prayers.

A word from…Dudley Hilton

It’s difficult not to have a certain sneaking sympathy for Martha. Hospitality was a Big Thing in 1st century Palestine, and with a host of people to feed she must have felt aggrieved that Mary was indulging herself by listening to Jesus rather than helping out. So aggrieved that she rather waspishly tells Jesus off […]