We are 1 church at 3 sites in Godalming, Busbridge and Hambledon with 6 congretations.


At 6.30pm on Thursday 4th June it is our National Garden Visit to 56, Copse Avenue, Farnham – a 1 acre haven in the midst of an estate! More information on their website: www.ngs.org.uk/gardens/find-a-garden/garden.aspx?id=29884. The tour of the garden costs £4, with an optional £2.50 for a drink and nibbles – followed by a meal […]

Hambledon Vestry Project

We are very grateful and truly humbled by people’s generosity, across the Benefice, in giving pledges towards the renovation of the vestry at Hambledon Church. We have had around £27,000 donated or pledged to add to the existing fund of approximately £11,000. Since we have yet to finalise specifications for the work and take these […]

Stephanie Couvela

Many of you will remember Steph with affection and may be interested to know what she is up to, now that she is not at Scargill any more.  Breaking news is that, sometime between July and September, she is very much looking forward to starting work as the Anglican Chaplain at Keele University, as part […]

St Dominic’s Internet Café

Is the whole world of IT a bit of a mystery to you? Have you always wanted to know how to surf the web, but were too afraid to ask? Need help downloading your grandchildren’s photos, Skyping your family down-under or sending an email? Then help is on the way! Some of the students at […]

BHC Job Vacancy

We are looking for a gifted, skilled and experienced Administrator who would like to join the church team. The purpose of the role is to supervise and facilitate the day to day administration of the church, work with a staff team and Officers of the church and to act as PA to the Rector. The […]