We are 1 church at 3 sites in Godalming, Busbridge and Hambledon with 6 congretations.

Rector’s reflection…

I have been asked “what is the story, vision and mission of Busbridge&Hambledon Church, your Church of England church, in your area?”   It could be summed up as ‘aspiration for something different’ There is a general election coming up. It may be tempting to withdraw, be cynical, see only failed aspirations and seek isolation or darkness. […]

Hot Cross Bun Family Adventure!

This lovely walk happening on Good Friday 2.00pm starts at Hambledon Church and ends in Busbridge at the Shaw’s house for hot cross buns.  Frances and Peter live at Tuesley Cottage on Tuesley Lane which is opposite the main entrance to Godalming College.  Those not doing the walk are very welcome for tea at Tuesley […]

Projector Volunteer needed

Due to the impending arrival of his 3rd child Nick Pinches is looking for someone to help with the projection at the 6.30 service on a temporary basis. If you are an existing user or new to the projection system he would love to hear from you. Email nick.pinches@bhcgodalming.org or call him at the Church […]

The BIG Spring Clean!

This fun event is happening on Saturday 25th April (10am – 2pm) and is a fantastic way of getting to know people from Busbridge&Hambledon, and at the same time, achieve an incredible amount of sorting, clearing, tidying, painting and making Busbridge Church positively sparkle. As  further incentive, a yummy lunch is included in this key […]

PCC Update

At Monday’s PCC meeting the church accounts and the annual church meeting documents were approved. These go out to the church in time for the APCMs on Sunday 26th April. Information on the review of services and congregations was shared with PCC, and in particular, the issues raised by the fantastic growth of the Busbridge […]

a word from….James Ellin

‘Hosanna! Hosanna!’ ‘Here comes the King riding in his Bentley Limousine!’ ‘Look how majestic and stately he is. He really looks the part!’ ‘This King really knows how to arrive in style!’   Watching dignitaries and royals arrive or depart somewhere in glamourous cars is pretty standard going nowadays. And when we think of how […]

Electoral Roll

If anyone would like to be added to the electoral roll then you need to return your form by Saturday 11th April (15 days before APCM). Forms are downloadable from the website and should be returned to Emma Landsman via the Church Office.