Every year we ask church members to pledge income to God’s work through our church community and every year we give away a meaningful proportion of this income through our regular mission partners, mission bursaries and ad hoc gifts.

These gifts reflect our awareness of how privileged we are in Busbridge&Hambledon, our sorrow for a world full of suffering and struggle, and our desire to build a Vision of God’s kingdom through word and deed.

Who are we currently supporting?
Bursary Scheme 

Would you like to join the Channel for Mission team?

Are you passionate about assisting in the co-ordination of providing funds to the groups that have close ties to Busbridge&Hambledon Church both locally, nationally and abroad?

The team are always keen to talk to members of the Church family to discuss the work that is undertaken and the opportunities that exist in joining the group.

Feel free to speak to anyone in the team, or send an email.

Bring a charity to the attention of the Mission team

All the groups that currently receive support from Mission Partnership are supported by a member of our congregation.

Do you have ideas about charities or Christian work you would like to bring to the attention of our church fellowship to receive both prayer and financial support?

Speak to anyone in the team.

Get in contact

Please ring the Church Office 01483 421267