Men’s Sceptics Breakfast

Christianity offers eternal life” they say. How do I get to take a closer look at what that means, to explore whether it is true or not?

Having been a sceptic for years I know how hard it is explore without feeling you are compelled to going to church every week. Or you may have been on an Alpha Course and you are not ready to commit to more than gently looking in on Christian things. Or your schedule is too busy to allow you to get to an evening event every week. You may ask “Where can I go to learn more, on neutral ground, and take things at my own pace?

Why not come along to a men’s sceptics small-group breakfast where, once a month, over a free full fried breakfast at a house in Busbridge we chat about life and then look at what Christians believe and consider ANY questions the group has on Christianity, life, the universe and everything. There are two Christians at the breakfast and a hand-full of sceptics – so it is a very non-threatening and relaxed way to explore some of the most important questions you will ever consider.

Or come along to one of our termly curry nights. Just contact the office on the number below to let us know you are coming.

Please contact David Brockman for more information