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Dine with Nine

Dine with 9 300x187 Dine with NineDine with Nine is a great opportunity to bring people together socially across the Benefice of Busbridge&Hambledon. Anyone of any age, any congregation, married or single can come along. You’ll meet people from their 20′s to their 80′s.

How does it work?

Just let Kirsty Morris know you want to join up and she’ll put you on her list of 80-120 people who like to dine…She arranges who goes in what group and that group of nine will meet together once a month for four months. After that, groups are mixed up and it all starts again.  It’s a great way of getting to know other people.

Does this mean I have to cook for 9 people?!

Don’t panic. The meals can be an ‘everyone bring something’ arrangement, meeting up at an agreed restaurant or a walk and tea – each group of nine can organise something to suit themselves.

So don’t be shy! If you’d like to sign up, fill in the form and away you go!


You can contact Kirsty Morris by using the form below or view the Dine with Nine form here. If you would also like to include the name of a partner or friend, please do so in the message part of the form.

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 Dine with Nine

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