Busbridge Church and Hambledon Church


  1. Hot Cross Bun Family Adventure

    Join us at Busbridge Church on Good Friday at 2.30pm. If you haven’t had a chance to explore Road to Easter at Hambledon yet, this could be a great opportunity to do so. This walk is also a fabulous way to get to know people from all congregations – do come along.


  2. Easter Garden Service

    Who are you going to invite to this lovely event? Neighbours? Friends? Grandchildren? Remember – there could be some chocolate in it for you! Busbridge Church, 19 April, 3.00pm


  3. Road to Easter

    We hope you get the chance to take time out to contemplate the journey to Easter some time over this coming week. Hambledon Church is open every day with thought-provoking and inspirational installations to help all ages re-discover the story and the power of the cross. Not to be missed.


  4. Feba

    Feba is a media charity which operates within the 10/40 window, which includes the least evangelised countries in the world, in many of which it is dangerous to be a Christian. We shall meet to pray for this work from 10.30am to 11.30am on Monday 28th April at 14 Chestnut Way. Again, please let Shelagh know if you wish to attend.


  5. Friends International

    Shelagh Godwin will host a prayer breakfast for Friends International at 14 Chestnut Way, Godalming, 8am on Saturday 26th April. Friends International looks after the spiritual welfare of the over 3,000 overseas students (and their families) who study at the University of Surrey, and this is a good opportunity to pray for them. Please let Shelagh, after 21st April, if you wish to come.


  6. Hambledon Coffee Morning

    Please note a change of location for the Hambledon coffee morning on 15th April – it will now be held at the Miller’s, Meadow Cottage, Church Lane (11.00am).


  7. Mother’s Day Video

    If you didn’t manage to catch our lovely Mother’s Day video a couple of weeks ago, get yourself a couple of tissues and take a look at it on the homepage of our website . Thank you to Andy Brownstone for his filming and editing and of course, to all our little stars!


  8. please pray for…

    • Grosvenor Road, Hambledon Road & Hambledon Nursery
    • Healing for Zoe Field
    • Commuters in the congregation
    • The upcoming APCM
    • The Hot Cross Bun Family Adventure & the Easter Garden Service