We are 1 church at 3 sites in Godalming, Busbridge and Hambledon with 6 congretations.

Rector’s Reflections

Rector’s Reflections: What do you say when you run out of words?

The philosopher Edward de Bono uses words, pictures and symbols in something called a Random Entry Toolkit to stimulate creative questions in difficult situations. The objective is “to constructively challenge the status quo”. You can read more at www.debonoconsulting.com/Lateral_Thinking.asp I like the idea behind de Bono’s approach. I’d like to suggest that the idea behind […]

Rector’s Reflections

“the regional character is further enhanced and emphasised by the problem of flooding and its control, which dominates all aspects of life and activity” Now, what is all that about? The quote is in reference to Dr Michael Williams, who wrote “The Draining of the Somerset Levels”. His work was published back in 2009. In […]

August 2012

OK…who stole the sun?  Would whoever has taken it away please give it back?! On a more serious note…the Olympics are here so here are two quotes:  “A leader is best when people barely know he [sic] exists. When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say, we did it ourselves.” Lao Tzu […]

May 2012

I have recently been on a leadership conference in London. About twenty of the church took time out to attend this two day event. How do you measure the success or effectiveness of two quite long, intense days of speakers, lectures, seminars, handouts and powerpoints? I remember once reading a booklet titled ‘Death by powerpoint: how to […]