A word from Simon Taylor…

Welcome to the Summer break!  We have a great deal going on in the next few weeks so here are some tasters:

  • Holiday Club
  • Holiday Club service
  • Confirmation course (Wednesday’s in Sept)
  • Alpha (starts 20/09)
  • BIG Day Out (30th Sept)

These are the ‘big events’ but behind the scenes there are many across Busbridge and Hambledon who do much, week in, week out. What marks these acts of service out as Christian? Or to put in another way: you do not have to be Christian, religious or spiritual to care about your next door neighbour or do something good in the community. That is something we would expect from every decent human being. The philosopher Kant had much to say on this ‘common good’ expectation. What makes your actions, involvement and your commitment as a Christian so important then?

Each act of service is part of God’s work locally. It might be becoming one of our new Pastoral Assistants (based at Busbridge), being a new curate, taking home communion to people, setting up chairs in Busbridge school hall each week, locking Hambledon church every Sunday after everyone has left, leading a home group or the Hambledon prayer mornings or one of many more quiet ministries. When we have experienced the hand of the Lord our God upon us (Ezra chapter 7:28) we begin to discover a new design on our lives.

Living in the knowledge of being a Restored person before God begins to alter the DNA of how we act, serve, minister and care. We become aware that there are no irrelevant or inconsequential ministries or acts of service in God’s Kingdom work. The impact of this discovery on Ezra is something we will be looking at through the Autumn. If you would like some reading material through the Summer try looking this book of the Bible from the 6th century BC.

Enjoy the summer.  Enjoy living for God.  May God bless you richly. Simon