A word from James Gibson…

It is great to be here!

We have now been here for five weeks and are enjoying getting to know Godalming and all that is going on in the Parish. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and we look forward to getting to know you in due course.

It has been great to meet some of you already, hear your stories, pray together, and enjoy your generous hospitality and some lovely food.

Talking of food, this week we are beginning a new sermon series all about eating. We will be looking at some of the meals that Jesus ate with people: weddings, picnics, breakfasts…Sometimes He ate with friends, but other times the company He kept was more surprising; choosing to eat with people he didn’t know and those who were definitely not the ‘right’ sort of company.

As we explore something of Jesus’ eating habits over the next few weeks, why not have a think about who you will eat with this summer: your neighbour, the family you have met on the school run, the fellow commuter you nod to each morning on the train, or even the person you are sitting next to in church…

We will discover that each time Jesus ate with people something significant occurred, so who knows what will happen as we follow his example and welcome others to eat with us?