A word from Frances Shaw…

The book of Esther is unique in the Bible because it contains no explicit mention of God. God works in the background to save Israel from the danger of destruction. The main characters are Mordecai and Esther (the human instruments of Israel’s salvation), Haman (the villain), and the Persian king (who has the power to destroy or save Israel). Set in a time of foreign domination, the story is full of apparent coincidences. Discerning readers know that the reversals are not due to chance, but to the work of God.

In our lives sometimes God is more in the background, and ‘coincidences’ can be hard to recognise. Often we don’t realise their significance until we look back and find a pattern. At other times God is more in the foreground, and ‘God-incidences’ are very obvious.

This weekend sees services of ordination at the cathedral. Ministers have been called by God, and for them this path may have seemed like a series of ‘coincidences’. They now continue in a special way to share with others the excitement, traumas, and questions of the Christian journey.

One of their many roles is to put God back into the picture, and to discern God at work in the ups and downs of life. Pray for David, James and others as they make that commitment today.