A word from Ruth Bennett…

Sierra Leone is one of the hungriest countries in the world. We can do something to help change take place there. Christian Aid partners churches who are at the scene and who can supply tools and the know- how to grow adequate crops. Christian Aid works with 507 partner organisations in 47 countries to help local communities to make their voices heard and look towards a brighter future. This coming week is Christian Aid week and we, among many others, will be collecting money to help towards this work of mercy.

Volunteers go round the neighbourhood delivering envelopes to invite cash contributions and call again a day or two later to collect the donations. Let us be generous in filling those envelopes. It is the main way that Christian Aid raises the money to fund their work and speak out for change. Thank you to the volunteers as well as you.

If we follow Jesus Christ, we need to rely on God for all our needs. Giles Fraser, who recently resigned from St Paul’s, wrote in last Saturday’s Guardian that we need to give up trying to impress people. Martin Luther’s central theological insight, he tells us, was that only when we have given up trying to make it under our own steam, can we adopt a proper attitude of reliance on God. This seems to echo what Peter was learning in those last days with Jesus after the Resurrection. In finding our need to rely on Jesus, we can let go of our personal worries and let God supply every need.